ConcreteX was founded in 2015,first show in Guangzhou design week,gains a very good commentary.Concrete in Chinese means cement,X means the infinite possibilities,together means to create products with cement as the design element.VI major color base on moss green and cement grey,richly perform the dignity the stablity the energy of cement!

ConcreteX do not in tend to make the product surface perfect and flawless,but to make use of the cement faultiness itself,without any processing of works,just fine to match with other building material,become the natural element of internal and external,restore the unique texture of cement,so as to improve people's understanding of cement.


Inspiration spark brings innovation.
Innovation brings the one and only.
Fine and smoot brings great expression.
Great expression makes simple but elegant of Modern new life.


ConcreteX,which base on Cement,not only restore cement unique
design,but increase morden elements of aesthetic.
Using unique defective of cement natural surface,creating unique
simple but elegant of cement.    18138515239

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